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Tuning service to deliver better engine performance through ECU program updating.




Benefits For My Car

Extra BHP delivered for local Cannock car owners and counting...
Remap Technician programming a Porsche

About the company

Chips Remaps are professional car tuners that can provide improved performance and efficiency for your vehicle. The experienced team are members of the DC Tuning network who are leaders in the development of the very latest tuning files to give customers the very best performance improvements whilst maintaining reliability and durability.

Full Engine Diagnostics

Vehicles must first undergo an extensive diagnostics assessment.

Increased Power

Release the true potential of your vehicle's engine.

Increased Torque

Improved drivability of your car with improved pulling power.

Improved Efficiency & MPG

Better efficiency means fewer trips to the pumps.

Improved Throttle Response

More responsive throttle pedal for a more agile driving experience.

Case Studies

“Big thanks to Chips Remaps for making a massive difference to my Audi. The remap has made the car so much more fun to drive as the response is so much faster.”

Power 190HP – 225HP +35HP

Torque 450NM – 540NM +90NM

Customer with Audi TT following successful remap.

Audi TT

Paul J

I am very pleased with the improvements to my Range Rover Sport. I wish I had the remap years ago as it makes the car everything I want. I now don’t plan to change this car; but when I do, I will be calling Chips Remaps again!

Power 272HP – 302HP +30HP

Torque 640NM – 740NM +100NM

Range Rover belonging to customer

Range Rover

Peter R

Wow, what a difference! Although the figures reported aren’t that much of a difference; the car drives much, much better. The car feels like a far higher powered and tight version of an A3. I am very pleased and would recommend David and Chips Remaps for tuning your Audi.

Power 150HP – 190HP +40HP

Torque 250NM – 320NM +70NM

Audi A3 in red

Audi A3

Emma W

What a difference has made to my van when I brought it was told was remapped never felt it to me once Dave had worked his magic and seen the pervious map was poor to say the least the drive home was a lot more fun and total recommend Dave is the man for a remap.

Power 105HP – 140HP +35HP

Torque 250NM – 320NM +70NM

VW Caddy

Matthew G

Let us transform your car into a more responsive, more efficient version of itself with our state of the art technology tuning solutions. We are fully mobile so we can complete the remap at your home or place of work. Check the improvements we can deliver for your vehicle on the website and of you have any questions, please just ask.

David Jennings

Chips remaps technician

Trade customers

We Also Serve Trade Customers

Are you in the motor trade and want to provide an additional service to your customers? Chips Remaps have a network of local motor service providers who utilise the remapping service as an additional offering for their business. If you would like to work with Chips Remaps to take advantage of great remapping services please get in touch today.


There are so many different makes and models we provide remapping services for, but it is easy to check the benefits for your car using our online generator here, See The Benefits For My Car.

Remaps from Chips Remaps are just £225. This is an ultra competitive price, but is possible due to the low overheads and high referral rate. Please do not contact us trying to reduce this price as we know it represents exceptional value. Please also do not confuse / compare us to none professional operators selling on Facebook etc.

This is your decision. As a company we have to advise you to inform your insurance company but there is no way for them to know a remap has been implemented.

Yes, a benefit of remap tuning is that the process is fully reversible without a trace. Should you require your vehicle to be returned to standard for any reason then rest assured this is possible by our technicians. 


Based in Cannock. 
Proudly Serving throughout Staffordshire and West Midlands.



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